Private Lessons -

Private lessons can be tailored to any age and ability level! Simply give us a bit of background about the swimmers seeking lessons, and we will match you with an instructor who who best fits your needs!


Group Lessons - 

For group lessons, it is the responsibility of parents to assemble groups of kids with similar ability levels. If children in the group are more than 2 levels apart, the instructor may suggest a different lesson format.


Little Fish classes are for kids 4M-36M of age, with a max of 6 students. We recommend that children in this class be within an 18M age range.

Levels 1-3 are open to 3 students per class. Level 4 & up are open to 4 students / class.  We recommend that students in the same class be within a 3 year age range.


               Little Fish (Parent & Me): For kids age 3 and under who are not independent               swimmers. Parents accompany children in the pool and are led by an instructor. 


               Level 1: For kids age 3 and up with no prior lesson experience or for those who have had exposure to the water but may have a level of fear surrounding it.  Children entering this class level will not (willingly) put their face in the water / fully submerge. 


               Level 2: For kids with prior lesson experience and and/or a basic level of comfort in the water.  Children will continue to build on water safety skills, kicking, and independent propulsion. Kids entering this class should be comfortable with their face in the water.


               Level 3: For kids who have experience in a lesson setting or have had exposure to swimming in a home pool setting.  Children at this level should be able to swim short distances unassisted and be able to float on their back independently.   


               Level 4: For kids who are beginning to learn strokes and are able to swim 1 lap freestyle.  Children entering this class should be independent swimmers (able to swim, take a breath, and continue swimming) and be able to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool.  These classes will have a large emphasis on breathing and focus on teaching and refining freestyle and backstroke.


              Level 5: For kids looking to build on fundamentals and focus on stroke refinement.   Technique of all 4 strokes will be covered, and students / parents are more than welcome to discuss more specific goals with the instructor. 


              Level 6: For competitive swimmers looking for specific technique refinement and / or work on starts & turns.

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