Frequently asked questions

Does my pool need to be heated?

Kids learn best when they are comfortable, and instructors teach best when they are comfortable! We recommend a minimum water temperature of 82 degrees for lessons for kids ages 3 and up. Kids with little body fat may be cold in 82-84 degree pools - if so, we recommend Warm Belly wetsuits. For kids under age 3, we highly recommend a pool temperature at or above 87 degrees.

What is Swimobile's cancellation policy?

If a conflict arises, please notify your instructor as soon as possible. Last minute cancellations or missed lessons will not be reimbursed. With 24 hour notice, you will be allowed to schedule a make up lesson (max 2 make ups per 8 lessons). Please consider the health of your instructor when deciding whether your child should swim. Exceptions for sick children will be made on a case-by-case basis. For group lessons, if the lesson takes place and certain students are missing from the group, we are unable to schedule makeup lessons for those missing. Makeups are allowed only for the group as a whole.

What type of swim diaper do you recommend?

Happy Nappy Swim Diapers are the best! They can be worn alone, or with a disposable swim diaper underneath. They are long lasting, and their unique design holds in any accidents.

How many kids can join a group lesson?

For Little Fish classes (kids 4-36M), we allow up to 6 students per class. We highly suggest that all participants are within an 18 month age range. For example: if the youngest student is 16M, the oldest should be no older than 34M. In our experience, lessons are most effective if you are able to group babies from 4M-18M together, and toddlers from 18M-36M together. For group lessons for children ages 3&up, levels 1-3 are open to 3 students per class. Level 4 & up are open to 4 students / class. We recommend that students in the same class be within a 3 year age range. To reference our levels, please click here.

What areas do you serve?

In California we currently serve the SF East Bay area. In Florida we currently serve Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton & Venice.

Do you offer incentives if I host students (other than my own children) at my home pool?

Yes! We offer a $5 Swimobile credit for each child taking lessons at your pool who is not an immediate family member. For example, if you have 4 friends/family taking lessons at your pool, you would receive a $20 credit each day that lessons take place.

Can my children share a lesson package?

Yes! Family members are welcome to share packages, as long as the lesson type is the same (private / group).

What is your weather policy?

We cancel lessons when lightning is within 5 miles of the pool. If weather is threatening, instructors utilize an app called My Lightning Tracker, and will vacate of the pool if needed. If a lesson is interrupted by lightning and less than half of the scheduled time has elapsed, clients will be allowed to schedule a makeup lesson. If more than half of the lesson has elapsed, the lesson will be considered "complete" however instructors are encouraged to add time on for future lessons to make up for any missed time.